I have meticulously kept track of almost every account I’ve ever created on the internet, because that is who I am. My grandma recently gave me a bunch of photo albums with me as a kid, and there are were just entirely too many pictures over too many years of me organizing seed packets. Because that is who I am.

One of the oldest accounts I still have access to is my imood account. My first mood was logged in November 2002, and that mood was “asleep”. I blogged pretty consistently for the next five months, and then not again until September 2009, and only then for about two weeks. The 2009 blip was because I was having health issues that caused me to be depressed and I guess I thought it might be a good idea to keep track of my moods.

Actually, it’s pretty fascinating to read this stuff. Well, fascinating to me. I’ve always been interested in what past me thought of the world, which is why this blog exists, and why I have all my childhood journals online, so this is a pretty cool find.

I wish I had started blogging just a few months earlier, because the earliest reference I can find in my life to The Monkees was August 2002. I didn’t mention The Monkees on imood until December:

I just relized that it sucks hat I wasn’t born when the Monkees were big and groovy.  That sucks.  Someone make a Time Machine so I can live in the 60s!

Spelling “realized” wrong is recurring theme, I’ve found. (So many other things wrong with this. Can I just–)

I just realized that it sucks that I wasn’t born when The Monkees were big and groovy. That sucks. Someone make a time machine so I can live in the ’60s!

Here’s a gem from twelve year old me:

Some stupid little asshole decides to call me ugly, when I’m about as ugly as a supermodel, and he’s about as ugly as a piece of shit with an afro.

I have no idea who this kid is. I can’t think of any kids in my classes with an afro, least of all one who would bother talking to me, so maybe “piece of a shit with an afro” was an in-joke amongst my friends and I.

Words of wisdom:

Icing is good and yummy, but bad for you.

Mike Nesmith rocks.

I really haven’t changed much. Most of my entries were about The Monkees, websites, complaining about authority figures without really doing anything about it.

One thing that surprised me was that I updated my imood from school some days. I feel bad about clicking on links to articles on my own company’s website when I’m at work; I would never think of updating my Twitter account from a work computer. Of course, no one was watching back then. The internet was still the wild west.

Also, now I’ve got pretty good evidence that I got my first period when I was thirteen. I didn’t actually write any imoods about it, as far as I can tell, but we were renovating our bathroom at the time, and I wrote about that. This update from that time eerily could have fit in quite well with the 2009 updates (except for the double space. Ew):

Phew… made it to a bathroom in time.  :D

There’s an update about Easter that makes me think that was the year I learned the truth. Good old vagueblogging.

One of my last updates in 2003 was about getting a blog because “this is too small for my rantings”. And then I moved on to Blogspot.

So imood was basically Twitter. Kinda cool.

I feel like I should start imooding again, except not on imood, because the whole point of even logging into my imood account was to move all my data to my own websites so I can control it and not lose it when sites randomly decide to shut down. So if I were to imood now?

So much to do of such little importance, so little time.