Fuzz the cat

Fuzz (or Fuzzy) was a cat my family had when I was a kid. According to my school journal entries, Fuzz was a girl, but I don’t really remember. We got her around September 1995 [source]. I thought she was an outdoor cat, but I think she just escaped a few times.

She was named after a dog named Fuzz in the movie Little Heroes. That was a pretty bad decision, because the dog in that movie like eats poison and dies. Fuzzy got sick in September 1996 [source]. I think she had something wrong with her leg(s), but I’ve also been told that she got out in to the backyards and probably ate something bad. She was put to sleep in October 1996 [source].

My favourite game to play with her was to scratch my fingers on the rug, thinking it would look like a mouse, and she would try to catch it.