2013 Stanley Cup Finals

Chicago at Boston – June 24, 2013

It sucks to get that close and not win it. But Chicago earned it. I saw someone online saying that they didn’t “deserve it” — teams don’t usually “deserve” it — they “earned” it. I like that phrasing better.

Did Boston “deserve” it because of what happened there this year? Heck no. That has nothing to do with hockey.

So many thoughts came into my head last night. I’ll try to get them all down.

I really wanted a Game 7, even if they lost. Game 7, OT is how the finals should be. Go to Game 7, and whoever wins wins. And if Chicago won, at least they would have won at home.

Tuukka played like a mad man. When I get a jersey, I’m leaning towards #40.

I am so glad I can get to bed at a reasonable time now.

I hope Jagr plays next season (for the Bruins!). His next game-winning goal will be the most by any player. We were all hoping for a Jagr Game 7 GWG. Or just any playoff goal. He played his butt off too, and got quite a few assists, if I remember correctly. In the beginning, he didn’t seem to want to give up the puck ever, but when he did, goal. Maybe that’s where “deserves” come in. He worked hard, and should have got a goal, but luck was against him. And sometimes the other goalie and defence were against him, but there were a few that should have been in but just weren’t. Same for every player, every team, of course. I just want to give him and Tuukka a hug. All the Bruins, but them especially.

I realized I’m not crazy about watching the game with my family. My mom yells a lot. My brother’s alright, except when they are losing, he gets mad. My dad said if I didn’t wear a jersey and they lost, it would be my fault. And they all complain about the refs and announcers.

I don’t like complaining about refs. They make bad calls on everybody. Some games, we get the most bad calls against us. Other games, the other team does. It all works out about even. There’s nothing we can do about it. It’s a shame they don’t watch video replays or whatever to make it more fair. But there’s no use complaining.

I don’t pay much attention to the announcers. I did note one time when they said that Boston wins a lot of faceoffs, usually because they cheat at faceoffs or something like that. That seemed a little, I dunno, inappropriate? Other than that, I can’t recall anything totally negative about Boston. They say things like, “Boston has got to step up their game” and my family will be like “I hate these announcers!” but I mean, yeah, if they are losing, then they do have to step up their game, just like they would say about any team in that position.

So, awhile ago, I figured if they’d won, I’d be happy, but if they lost, at least they broke the streak of winning Stanley Cups a year apart and then not again for several decades (’39/’41, ’70/’72, ’11/[’13]). So it’s not a mathematically exact sequence, like win-lose-win-lose for 20 years-repeat, but whatever. I also learned the last time they were in the finals and lost was ’88 and ’90, both to the Oilers. I also realized that ’11 was the first time they’d won in my lifetime, which of course I *knew* but never thought about. So this is the second time they’ve lost in my lifetime.

My favourite game, maybe of all time (though I haven’t been a hockey fan for long), still has to be Game 7 against Toronto. They were clearly going to lose. I was watching by myself since my mom was picking my brother up from university, and my dad was away at work. My dad turns the game off when they’re losing or if it’s too intense; I could never do that. Instead, I didn’t pay much attention, went on my laptop. Around the last five minutes, I figured it would be the last game I’d see for about a year, so I might as well watch. And the rest’s history.

So there are of course comparisons to that game. The Bruins were down 4-1 against Toronto and won; the Hawks were down 2-1 against the Bruins and won. It’s the reverse, but not quite as bad a loss for the Bruins in some sense (the Hawks got more two goals, while the Bruins had to get four more), but then worse because it’s the finals. But then losing in the first round sucks too.

But that game taught me that it’s not over ’til it’s over. My brother left after 3-2, and my mom was going to turn off the TV, but I said no. There were only ~58 seconds left, and it was unlikely, but it could happen. That would have been awesome. And the Bruins have been good under pressure (Game 7 Toronto, Game 4 Pittsburgh Chara glove save). I really thought they could do it again.

I can’t really say why they lost, because I don’t know if I even saw those last two goals. Some people have said it wasn’t Tuukka’s fault; the defence wasn’t where they should have been. I don’t know. Even if I saw the goals, I don’t know enough about hockey to say. Same way I feel about music, everything. I can’t judge if things are good or bad; I can like them or not, be entertained or not.

Another thing I don’t like about watching with my family is how often we say “Oooh, that would have been so good if it went in!”. I used to say stuff like that too, but I soon realized, well yeah, of course it would have been good.

Sometimes I think if I can just say “Let’s go Bru-ins!” enough in my head, it will be alright. I tried not to get superstitious about stuff during games. I wore black and gold through all of the Toronto games, and they lost three there. I think during the Rangers and Penguins, I stopped paying attention to what I was wearing, and they did better, so then it turned into no black and gold on game days. And then my dad with wanting everyone to wear a jersey on Game 5 vs. Chicago. I don’t have my own jersey and didn’t really want to wear his, and my Bruins sweater is uncomfortable. Oh, and we had a stuffed penguin wearing a Boston hat and scarf, which stayed up from Game 2 against Pittsburgh ’til the end. Did that help? No. (Well, maybe if we had an Indian too…) But yeah, during games, I tend to, whenever I start thinking something else, try to go back to chanting “Let’s to Bru-ins” because if I don’t, then I dunno, I guess that’s bad luck. Silly stuff we hockey fans do.