My wedding

Apparently there’s a priest there who says:

Now you guys say your vows I guess; I don’t know how this works.

My husband-to-be clears his throat and says:

I saw you only once, and I knew
There could be no one for me but you
Yours was the face I wanted to see
Wanted to touch so tenderly
You smiled and took me by surprise
And you captured my heart with your eyes

The way you walk, the tilt of your head
The sound of your voice and the things you’ve said
For you’ve so many secrets, so much mystery to everyone else
But you share them with me
You’re so much like a kitten that I hold in my arm
When we laugh and you tease, I’m taken by your charms

You’re lovely and charming and loving and sweet
You captivate everyone you meet
Your laughter’s like music, you’re always such fun
You’re all of my dreams rolled into one

Then there are times when you’re moody, times when you’re blue
When the deepest dark black of night is you
Yet, all of these moods, love, help you to see and understand what’s inside of me

You’re so soft to my touch
And our love is so new
How can I tell you how much I love you?
You’re the raindrops that fall and refresh everything
For when I am with you, it is eternally spring
I love you
I love you
I love you

I crumble up the paper in my hand, throw it away, and go: “Okay, well, you just stole mine, so I guess I just got to make this up as I go along.”

There were birds singing everywhere
And the wind was blowing through your hair
I looked into your eyes
And waited for the prize
Your lips kissing mine
With a love that was real
And you looked so young and fair, oh!

On the day we fell in love
You and me
On the day we fell in love
You saw

There were rainbows reaching across the sky
And we were both so happy, we cried
We walked hand-in-hand
In snow, and in sand
Whether roses were blooming
Or snowmen stood by
Time would stop–

Then some dude with a violin or whatever comes in.

For you and I

On the day we fell in love
It was on the day we fell in love
You saw

And if the lines that I say fall apart
It’s because… I won’t know where to start
But you’ll understand, when I say them to you
‘Cause… they’ll come straight from my heart

On the day we fell in love
You and me
On the day we fell in love
You saw
You saw
You saw

And everybody else is just like what. the. fuck.