The first Sweet song I heard was “Little Willy”. Apparently, I liked it enough to download it, but then decided it was kind of weird (probably because of the word “willy”) and deleted it.

In 2008, my family went to some summer festival concerts where Sweet was playing. I got my brother to download me some songs he thought they might be playing, and I found I liked quite a few of their songs. I think a Wikipedia article that I read described them as bubblegum rock, like a mix of The Who and The Monkees, which I thought was amazing, because those were two of my favourite bands at the time.

I got their album Desolation Boulevard for Christmas one year.

“Ballroom Blitz” is very fun to sing on Rock Band. It’s a shame it’s a cover. It always makes me think of Wayne’s World.

I might have got into them more except that I found my review of the 2008 concert was linked on a Sweet message board, and everyone there kind of called me an idiot when what I actually was was an eighteen year old girl (I never understand why people assume I’m male when my website is very pink?). That kind of put me off them, I think.