Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins have always been my dad’s favourite hockey team, so consequently, they are my favourite hockey team.

Zdeno Chara

My dad has a Chara t-shirt. I think I asked him one day what Chara’s first name was, and maybe my dad didn’t know how to pronounce Zdeno or maybe he was sick of my questions, so he just said “Matt”, because for a long time, I thought there was a player named Matt Chara. Or maybe I just thought Matt Chara was a good name.

Watching hockey

I started watching hockey during the 2010/2011 playoffs. I can only remember watching games against Vancouver. My dad was at work in the States the night that we won, and he told us he cried.

I watched some of the first round against Washington in 2011/2012. I remember my dad saying that L.A. was a good team that year, and they won.

I watched most if not all of the playoff games in 2012/2013. *I* cried when we scored the goal that tied it up against Toronto in Game 7.

I’ve been watching most of the regular season games for 2013/2013; mostly except the west coast games and day time games.

Tim Thomas and Tuukka Rask

I knew Timmy was our goalie — and a very good goalie at that — so when I saw his name trending on Twitter, ¬†even though I wasn’t a huge Bruins fan at the time, I had to check it out. I immediately went running to my dad all like “wtf we traded Tim Thomas whyyyy”. My dad said to me, “It’s okay, we have a good young goalie coming up”. And I said “Ohhh, that funny looking guy with the funny name?” and he said, “Yeah” and I said, “I don’t know, dad…”

…and now I have a Rask jersey.

Jarome Iginla

I guess I wasn’t very into hockey the first time Iggy was supposed to come to Boston, because I only heard about it the next morning, when we didn’t get him. And I was like whatever, I don’t know that guy, he’s dumb. And then when we swept Pittsburgh, which was the team he went to instead, that was nice. And also getting Jagr was nice.

Anyway, the next year, he does come to our team, and I’m like pshaw, I hate this guy, he sucks, he didn’t want to be on our team, screw him. And then on the first episode of Behind the B, they’re all showing him at his house and his dog and trying to make us like him and I’m like nuh-uh, he sucks, we hate him. And then the season started and he played for us and I was like Iggy is great.

Matt Fraser

Yeah so Fraser’s going to Edmonton after being claimed off waivers and I am sad. I’m sad when everyone goes, but I was there at his first NHL fight, and I was there at his last game as a Bruin, and I dunno, that kind of makes him special to me. My dad yelled and called him a bum after the fight, and so it’s been a running joke in my family to call him a bum. Especially when he does stuff like getting the GWG against the Habs. There was an article a while back where he said he knows he’s not a fighter, but he fights to like get the team pumped up and stuff, and I respect that. Also I respect that he dressed up as Ana from Frozen. He just seems like a cool guy. Also, like, just how the team is doing overall right now, and that last game against Columbus, losing Fraser is like just another shitty thing making me go ugh this team.