I’m adding some redirects to htaccess, and I come upon a URL with a %2b in it, and think to myself “2b or not 2b, ha ha”.

I know there’s a clever tweet in here somewhere.

Well, “or” and “not” are both boolean operations, so it’s a totally valid line of code, and 2b is + in ASCII, so… +|!+? That’s a nice cryptic tweet, but people could just mistake it as being written by a cat. And it’s not accurate. It would have to be '+'|!'+', which is not as pretty. And 0x2b|!0x2b is a little too obvious.

2b is 43 in decimal. Had it been 42, we would have really been on to something here. We could have made a case for 41 as well, since ASCII starts at zero. Maybe it’s an off-by-one joke.

The statement always evaluates to true, and the plus sign is associated with positivity. Considering Hamlet is talking about life and death, there seems to be something profoundly optimistic here, but this involves two pieces of literature, and I was horrible at analyzing literature in English class.