Funny things I should have said

Night time class

I was sitting in a 7 pm class, and the prof was like, “What shows are we missing tonight?” and everyone’s like nothing, and what I wasn’t like but I should have been┬álike was, “Hockey–oh right, nevermind, hahaha” because of the lockout. And it’s funny because I’m the only girl in that class. (But┬áseveral years in the future, it’s less funny, because now I like hockey, but it’s still a little funny, because they were probably all Leafs and Habs fans.)

I know you can hear me

I was walking down the street listening to my iPod and some old guy on a bench was like, “Hello” and I didn’t know if he was talking to me, so I kept walking, and then he said, “I know you can hear me” so I kept walking, because why would I talk to someone with an attitude like that? What I should have done was have a pill bottle in my purse filled with tic tacs so I could yell, “NOT AGAIN!” and then take a bunch of them.


I was sick, and then Lindsay got sick, and Nick wasn’t sick, and he was like, “Hey Jenny, did you take Cold FX?” and I was like no, and he was like, “Hey Lindsay, did you take Cold FX?” and she was like no, and he was like ahh and being all smug. The next day, he was sniffling and coughing, and what I wasn’t like but I should have been like was, “How’s that Cold FX workin’ for ya?”