43 things I wanna do with my life

So 43 Things shut down and no one told me? Thanks.

I don’t remember what I had on there, but most of it was ridiculous. I slowly got rid of the stupid ones when I thought of more attainable goals. I got it down to a pretty good list in the end too. Damn, I’m pissed now!

Oh, hahaha I found an old version from 2005 OH MY GOD. Okay, so crossing out the ones I actually did and bolding the ones I still wanna do and commenting in brackets. There are some I’d of course still love to do (ie. time travel, take over the world), but I’m not bolding them because I’m not delusional any more. These were originally sorted by the number of people who had this goal.

  1. I WANNA ROCK (okay, this wasn’t in the original list, but I DEFINITELY had it on there for a long time, even after 43 Things changed their home page prompt.)
  2. write a book
  3. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination (Gonna be hard not knowing how to drive. Hahaha I hope I didn’t put “learn to drive” as a goal.)
  4. take more pictures (Well, duh, of course I want to do that, and certainly EVERYONE takes more pictures now than they did in 2005, but it’s not a good goal with a real end point where I can say, yes, I achieved that, so this one doesn’t count.)
  5. make a difference (Ditto that, Sam.)
  6. win the lottery
  7. change the world (The love inside… you take it with you.)
  8. be famous
  9. become fluent in French (Ah, I dunno, I’d rather learn like Russian now. Because hockey. And because I’m verified 1/4 Ukrainian, and Ukrainian and Russian seem pretty much the same, and I’m only like almost certainly 1/4 French, but there’s no proof because my French relatives didn’t talk to census takers or do anything that would have been helpful to me. And whatever, I have university-level French. That’s as good as I’m gonna get unless I live somewhere French. Or like… start watching a lot of RDS. Gross.)
  10. take over the world
  11. take one picture a day as a way to document my life
  12. learn to play the harmonica (Meh, I bought a harmonica. Good enough, right?)
  13. go to university
  14. have a secret underground lair
  15. learn MySQL (Oh my god, I was such a nerd. I’ve probably attained this goal in as much that my fifteen year old self would be like “damn, you’re a wizard”, but there’s always more to learn, right?)
  16. lucid dream (Well, I’ve had 154 lucid dreams since  I originally wrote this list in December 2005, so that’s more than one a month on average. I mean, ideally, it would be like every night, but whatever, close enough.)
  17. make lots of money
  18. direct a movie
  19. move to Europe (Hm. That wouldn’t be my first choice if you asked me now. By “Europe”, I’m pretty sure I meant “England” because Beatles. I’d much rather be closer to home, and somewhere with hockey like Boston, New York City, Toronto — all very cool cities I’ve actually been to. Off topic here, but I mean like, love-hate relationship with the Leafs. I was a fan as a kid, then I was like the Leafs are stupid because they suck and because I live in Leafs territory so I have to do the opposite of everyone else, but they actually look like they could be turning it around now (or am I just as gullible as Leafs fans?). Who wouldn’t want to be there for the parade? If it ever happens, damn, I wanna go.)
  20. time travel
  21. be in a rock band (This is a duplicate of “play in a concert” below, pretty much.)
  22. be someone’s muse
  23. break a world record
  24. read the dictionary (I feel like this would just take too much time, but there’s still some sort of sentiment behind this one that I like.)
  25. fake my own death (I think it would have to be just for fun and it wouldn’t last for a long time, because I don’t want to upset people and get in legal trouble.)
  26. solve a crime
  27. get backstage
  28. marry a rock star (Hee hee hee. Ten years older me is not changing this to hockey player because I’m a strong independent woman who don’t yada yada. Ten years older me wants to be a rock star and a hockey player. Well, to be fair to ten years younger me, she did want to be a rock star too.)
  29. teach people
  30. blog for a year
  31. audition for a movie
  32. watch a new movie every week (I think I started this once, with a plan to do it for a year. With Netflix now, maybe I should try it again.)
  33. coin a new word or phrase
  34. sleep in the desert (With age (ahah), I’ve found I’m not all that fond of hot places because they tend to make me die. But I want to feel the feeling of lying down and there’s nothing anywhere, no trees, all just flat, and just stars. Some deserts get cold at night, right? That’s the one I want.)
  35. write a rock opera
  36. learn all state capitals and states (Eh, I’ve beaten the Sporcle quiz to name all the states, and also all the presidents, and I do know all the words to “We Didn’t Start the Fire”, so like, this one is pretty much done.)
  37. meet Michael Nesmith (Oh my god, doug whoda thought this would be one I would cross off?!)
  38. become an expert on something obscure (I think my plan on this one was Charles in Charge, and I was going to have an awesome Charles in Charge website with everything. Um yeah sorry I still haven’t got past the first season DVD. I don’t think I even saw all the later season episodes, despite all those DVDs sitting right behind me for like five years.)
  39. get a 95% average (I don’t know if I ever did this, but if not, I came close enough.)
  40. develop an artistic style (WTF I don’t even know what this means.)
  41. pull an elaborate prank (SO MUCH THIS YES. Like one time in elementary school on April Fools Day, some kids told the teacher that I was at the principal’s office because I got in trouble or something? That was like the biggest prank I’ve ever pulled. My life has been meaningless.)
  42. be shown on the big screen at a concert or sports event (I was on the screen at TD Garden at either the Leafs or Lightning game in November 2013, but this was before the game and hardly anyone was in the arena and the camera guys were just testing out the stuff or something, so I feel like this doesn’t really count. I think we got a picture of it, but it was super blurry. Also maybe the top of my head was on the screen one time in Buffalo when these adorable kids behind us kept yelling “hey camera guy”, but that definitely doesn’t count.)
  43. create an internet fad (We have a word for that now, and it would be “go viral”.)
  44. solve a murder (This is just a duplicate of the crime one. The crime one is way easier and less chance of me fainting.)
  45. save a life
  46. see a Shakespeare play
  47. go to a costume party
  48. play in a concert
  49. learn to pick locks
  50. master chess (I made a Java program that beats me in chess, so I’m crossing this off hahahah.)
  51. learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube

Okay, so here’s what I’ve got now.

  1. write a book
  2. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
  3. have a secret underground lair
  4. direct a movie
  5. break a world record
  6. fake my own death
  7. solve a crime
  8. watch a new movie every week
  9. coin a new word or phrase
  10. sleep in the desert
  11. become an expert on something obscure
  12. pull an elaborate prank
  13. create an internet fad
  14. see a Shakespeare play
  15. go to a costume party
  16. play in a concert
  17. learn to pick locks
  18. learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube

Here are some other ones I think were on the list at some point:

  1. go hang gliding
  2. burst out into song and choreographed dance randomly

Damn it! I can’t remember any more.

Here are some new ones that were definitely not on there before:

  1. learn how to ice skate
  2. learn how to ride a bicycle
  3. go somewhere in an airplane
  4. learn how to play the steel drum

I’ll have to think of some more because this is nowhere near 43 things. Thanks for no help, archive.org.