Shows I gave up on

There are a few TV shows that started out really good, but over time, they got so bad/boring/repetitive/ridiculous that I just couldn’t watch them any more. These are those shows.

  • American Idol (gave up during season 7)
  • Big Brother (gave up during season 9)
  • Community (gave up during the Yahoo or whatever season?)
  • Coronation Street (gave up after they wrapped up Tina’s death, but I still end up watching when they have a disaster show or kill someone off)
  • Desperate Housewives (gave up after season 6, but watched some of the final episodes)
  • Girls (gave up during the season where Hannah goes to college or whatever?)
  • Modern Family (gave up around the beginning of season 3, but have seen some later episodes)
  • Person of Interest (gave up during/after season 1, but then it got good later, so I’ve seen a lot of the other episodes)
  • Pushing Daisies (gave up around the beginning of season 2)
  • Scandal (gave up immediately after the season 4 mid-season finale)
  • Smash (gave up immediately after the first episode of season 2)
  • Survivor (gave up watching religiously after season 3, but have seen quite a few episodes after that since half of my family watches it)
  • The Simpsons (gave up watching around season 18)
  • every other reality show I ever watched

List of TV shows that I should have given up on