Shows I’ve ruined by watching episodes out of order

Spoilers duh

  •  Lost
    • I managed to skip over the first Locke-centric episode where we find out he was in a wheelchair. I seem to recall during “Previously, on LOST”, there was a scene with Jin being very upset at Michael, and my parents were like, “What? Why is he upset?” and I’m like “Michael did the O.K. hand signal at Jin, and that’s offensive in Korea!” and they’re like “No, we missed something” and I’m like “No, it’s totally true, look it up!”. I also seem to recall we… like… rented the DVDs from the video store? That was still a thing then? Wow.
  • Downton Abbey
  • American Horror Story
    • So the episode ends with Dandy bathing in the blood bath. Whoa, crazy mid-season finale! Great ending! Except… not. There were two more episodes that somehow didn’t tape. Thanks.
  • The Good Wife
    • Don’t even ask how this is possible to do on Netflix.