The first YouTube video I saw–or at least the first YouTube video I had to sign up to watch–was an extremely short “interview” with Keith Moon in a bathroom. It was a very disappointing video. But I had to lie about my age to watch it, because apparently it was inappropriate, though I couldn’t figure out why.

I put a few videos on YouTube for Lonelygirl15, pretending to be one of the girls in the Order or something, and they’re pretty embarrassing. From the comments, I learned that I’m an over-the-top actress, which at the time, kinda bothered me, but now I know that’s pretty much the kind of actress I would want to be. I’m also embarrassed about how terribly I did my make-up for those videos, which was just some thick liquid black eyeliner. I did get some compliments on one of the videos for my editing skills, so that made me happy, because that’s my favourite part of film making. I can take being a bad actress, but not a bad editor.