Ordinary People (1980)

So the movie starts up and the first name we see is Donald Sutherland, and the only movie I know I have with him in it is Invasion of the Body Snatchers and I’m grinning and picturing my mom’s face when Leonard Nimoy shows up (I’m still disappointed I couldn’t get a hold of The Supernaturals because that sounded amazing. I think I’m looking forward to Night of the Lepus way too much and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be disappointed).

This was a boring movie about talking and people’s feelings and Pachelbel.

My mom was like she looks familiar, who is she, is she the girl from Grease?

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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002)

So my idea of what this movie was about was there was this game show host from like the ’70s and he was also secretly involved with crime or the mob or something, and it’s a true story. I feel kind of ripped off, especially learning that he admitted it was all made up before the movie even came out. If this was presented as if it was fiction, that would have been completely cool, but because they’ve added all these interviews with real people, it seems misleading, and I don’t like that. It’s still a decent movie, but it feels cheap.

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The Girl Can’t Help It (1956)

This might be the only movie in movie roulette that’s there because of The Beatles (compared to like fifteen or so that are there because of The Monkees).

The intro was cute. I feel like I’ve seen a similar intro before though. Like An American in Paris didn’t start like that I don’t think, but it was still kind of this almost breaking the fourth wall thing, and I’m just like what, did all movies in the ’50s start like this, because if so, I need to see every movie from the ’50s.

I was pleased when I saw this movie was only an hour and a half, since most movies have been two or three hours.

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Wild at Heart (1990)

We skipped over The Blue Lagoon, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Gandhi, which I believe all had opening shots that involved water, and then we got Wild at Heart, which has its opening credits displayed over fire. It only seemed appropriate to watch with Twin Peaks starting again the next day.

As the opening credits rolled, I said “She/he was in Twin Peaks” about a billion times. And then it said music by Angelo Badalamenti, and I said “he did the music for Twin Peaks“. After that, it was something like casting director, and I was tempted to say “she did the casting for Twin Peaks“, even though I was just making it up.

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I have meticulously kept track of almost every account I’ve ever created on the internet, because that is who I am. My grandma recently gave me a bunch of photo albums with me as a kid, and there are were just entirely too many pictures over too many years of me organizing seed packets. Because that is who I am.

One of the oldest accounts I still have access to is my imood account. My first mood was logged in November 2002, and that mood was “asleep”. I blogged pretty consistently for the next five months, and then not again until September 2009, and only then for about two weeks.

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