Murder on the Orient Express (1974)

This movie started out kinda boring and confusing because accents what, and I think I’ve seen/heard/read the ending/solution somewhere previously so that was a little ruined, but the middle was quite good. I kind of feel like I need to watch it again to notice all the things I missed, which I think is an indicator of a good movie.

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

for Night of the Living Dead too

This movie wouldn’t have ended up in movie roulette if not for Leonard Nimoy. I saw the original many years ago and thought it was boring, but I figured maybe that was just because older movies tend to be slower. Unfortunately, the remake was just as dull as the original. There’s just not very much story here to tell.

I seem to remember coming up with a story with a similar premise when I was in high school. I was disappointed to find my story had already been written, except presumably my story would have been better than this (obviously).

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Power Rangers (2017)

It’s spoilers time!

So. Yeah. Let’s see how it did on my things a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers reboot movie must have list:

  • ✓ Cameos by the original Rangers
  • Awesome electric guitar solos
    • But it did have “go go Power Rangers”.
  • ✓ Rita
  • Lord Zedd
    • Forgivable. He can be in the sequel.
  • Putties that go bleblelbeblelbeleb and can only be defeated by kicking them in the chest
    • They weren’t even made of putty
  • ✓ Zords
    • Also should have specified the Megazord, which also gets a check, but kind of messed up they were all in different little pods.
  • ✓ Zordon
  • ✓ Alpha 5
    • And I am so glad he said “aie-yie-yie!”.

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Cinderella 2000 (1977)

I don’t know how or when or why I first learned about this movie. I suspect it came up as a related movie on IMDb, and I read the description and immediately added it to my watchlist:

In the year 2047, sex is forbidden and Big Brother uses robots to keep an eye on everyone. One young girl tries to outwit the government so she can be with the man she loves.

Honestly, I feel like someone could make a serious movie with that plot description, but this movie is not that movie. If there was a little more focus on “girl tries to outwit the government” and a little less focus on “sex is forbidden”, I think it could work.

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