The Others (2001)

Also for The Sixth Sense and Inception

I thought I knew what this movie was about. I did not know what this movie was about.

Of course, I knew there was a twist ending, because everyone knows that. I thought that the twist was the children were dead the whole time. I didn’t realize the twist was everyone was dead the whole time. I started to suspect the servants were dead, but I never got that the mom was dead.

I thought this movie took place in the present. I kept waiting for the “present day” title card to show up.

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“Texas Morning”

I loved this song a lot.

So I’m lookin’ for a girl with light brown hair
And hazel eyes, and she’s not too pretty but a beautiful smile
She just said, “Well, I’m goin’ to Texas for a little while”

I basically convinced myself I had hazel eyes, because I so desperately wanted this song to be about me, even though that is completely illogical. I don’t think you could even describe my hair as light brown. And it wasn’t like I was super happy about being described as “not too pretty”, but I was okay with it, and at least I was being realistic.

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Murder on the Orient Express (1974)

This movie started out kinda boring and confusing because accents what, and I think I’ve seen/heard/read the ending/solution somewhere previously so that was a little ruined, but the middle was quite good. I kind of feel like I need to watch it again to notice all the things I missed, which I think is an indicator of a good movie.

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

for Night of the Living Dead too

This movie wouldn’t have ended up in movie roulette if not for Leonard Nimoy. I saw the original many years ago and thought it was boring, but I figured maybe that was just because older movies tend to be slower. Unfortunately, the remake was just as dull as the original. There’s just not very much story here to tell.

I seem to remember coming up with a story with a similar premise when I was in high school. I was disappointed to find my story had already been written, except presumably my story would have been better than this (obviously).

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