Grease (1978)

Sometime in elementary school, probably grade four, my friend Amy decided she wanted to put on a Grease play. I had never seen Grease before, but I knew it was like a movie or something in all these commercials that were on TV all. the. time.

I got my parents to rent the VHS from Rogers Video. I don’t think I watched it with Amy or anyone who was supposed to be in the play; I think I just watched it myself.

I understood very little of it, and years later watching it, I’m like, “Ohh, that’s what that means.” Some of it I still don’t understand because like the ’50s.

Amy was going to be Sandy and her elementary school husband James was going to be Danny. I don’t know if he even knew he was going to be Danny. He didn’t strike me as the type who would be interested in doing a musical. Anyway, I was going to be Jan, because like Rizzo and Frenchie and Marty were like way too like overtly sexual. I think I picked being Jan, but I’m not sure. If I was going to pick nowadays who I would want to be, it would be Marty, or maybe Frenchie. Jan’s pretty lame. Also, I don’t think I can pull off the fat girl jokes. Or maybe it would be funnier. Probably not.

Anyway. So one weekend, I sat down with my VCR and a stack of papers and wrote out all of Jan’s lines. It took a surprisingly long time, but probably not because she had many lines; probably because I had to fast forward and rewind using a VHS paper and write with a pencil and not use the internet and I didn’t understand what any of her lines meant. “How much dough did he spend?” made no sense at all.

I did somehow understand Sonny’s line, “Could she get me a friend?”, because I remember telling Amy how ironic I thought it was (except not using that word, because I didn’t know that word) because he was already going with Frenchie. Or Marty? I don’t know.

In the grade four talent show, Amy and Shirley Ann and I did a dance/gymnastics routine to “You’re the One that I Want”. I can’t even listen to the solo near the end of the song, because that’s when I did a forwards/backwards somersault solo while the other girls were offstage and I’m sure it was extremely boring and I am so embarrassed.

I still like Grease. Good movie, good music.

I saw Grease 2 on TV once. Um. Less said about it the better.