My brother and mom used to watch this show called Community. I think it’s that show that I kept seeing commercials for with this guy speaking Spanish and saying “do not scratch my car”. I remember an episode with two girls trying to outdo each other by doing some environmental fundraiser and then having a mud fight. I remember an episode with an old guy and a lava lamp that was his mother or something. Also an episode with Hilary Duff. Then one that ended with a bunch of people pretending to shoot each other to teach each other a lesson.

Then there was this Christmas episode where all the characters were stop-motion. I’ve never been a fan of stop-motion Christmas films, but I thought this was pretty amazing. I don’t know if I watched the whole episode or not, but if I did, I probably appreciated the Lost reference.

And then there was this episode that consisted of the characters all sitting around a table and playing Dungeons and Dragons for an entire episode. “That Pierce guy is really evil,” I thought, “Like, too evil”. But nevertheless, I realized this show was actually pretty good, and I was paying more than just passing attention to it.

I don’t recall when I actually began to sit down and actually watch the episodes, but I know I watched all of season three┬álive with my brother on Thursday nights while at university. We’d go for supper in the caf, then come back to my room and talk about our week until Community came on.

We had to go back and watch all the first two season episodes. When I saw the scene in the first episode where Abed wonders if he’s gone deaf, I laughed and laughed and I knew I would love this show.

My least favourite episode is “The Art of Discourse”, with the schmitty kids, but I find myself saying “DUH-DOY! Schmitty!” a lot. I didn’t like “Cooperative Calligraphy”, probably because so many people like it, and I also knew who stole Annie’s pen. I’ve only seen it once though, so maybe I should give it another chance.

Season 4

I wanted to like this season because everyone was anticipating it would be horrible. I really like the laugh track bit in the first episode. I might have liked if the whole episode was like that, but maybe not. After the first episode, the shows just seemed to go downhill in quality. There is one funny line an episode if it is a good one. I don’t like when they do things just to do things, like the Muppet episode. Though the anime bit in the foosball episode last season was like that too. And in the Christmas episode, the long shots just to do long shots, and then there were only two and that was it? What was the point? As of the Christmas episode, I’m not too impressed, but I’ll wait until the end of the season and perhaps watch it again before I really judge.

My favourite episodes

  • “Epidemiology” (the zombie one)
  • “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” (the stop-motion one)
  • “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” (the Dungeons and Dragons one)
  • “Paradigms of Human Memory” (the “clip show” one)
  • “A Fistful of Paintballs” (the second paintball one)
  • “Geography of Global Conflict” (the Model UN one)
  • “Remedial Chaos Theory” (the dice game one)
  • “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps” (the psychopath test one)
  • “Regional Holiday Music” (the Glee one)
  • “Virtual Systems Analysis” (the dreamatorium one)