Coronation Street

My mom has watched Corrie since like forever. I used to like to call it Corrie instead of Coronation Street because I thought that was funny, but now I call it Corrie because I talk about it too much.

I used to hate Gail Platt a lot and mix her up with Sally Webster. Gail is still pretty dumb. I always thought all the Platts were dumb. Also, David Platt was such a jerk when he was a teenager.

I didn’t like Claire Peacock much because she was annoying and psychotic. During Christmas 2012, I watched all the old Christmas episodes I could find, and Claire and Ashley got married on Christmas, so we saw their wedding. It made me like Claire a lot more, because she was really calm and all “nothing is wrong because it’s my wedding day”.

I used to hate Leanne Battersby. Then when her and Peter were together and all happy families with Simon, I really liked her. Then with the custody battle, she started being stupid again.

I always hated gobby Janice Battersby for as long as I can remember, even when I was very little. Now, I wish she would come back and Leanne would remember Janie is her real mom and not Stella.

I used to like Fiz because she didn’t do anything annoying, but then with John Stape, she got really dumb. John used to be good too, but then the murdering and stuff.

Becky was awesome. I have a feeling I didn’t like her at the beginning, but that didn’t last long. I cried a little when she said goodbye to Royston and ‘Ails.

Roy is also awesome.

I always thought Jason Grimshaw was cute, but now watching the show I’m like eh, he’s not that cute. But then when I watch old episodes on YouTube, I can see he actually used to be really cute with longer hair.

Norris is also awesome. I don’t think I ever in the past, nor could I ever in the future, hate Norris.

I used to like Kevin, but not so much after the Molly thing, which was okay at first, but it went on too long.

Lloyd is good because he is not stupid. It was nice when he finally got a story with Chair-yl, and now with Mandy and Jenna. I liked the one episode when he yelled, “I’m goin’ to SPORTS DAY!”.

At first, I hated Graeme. I remember he was at some party and threw up in the street or something? Anyway, he was a jerk. But then he was hilarious. There was this one episode where Norris was trying to get Graeme in trouble with the police for stealing a ladder, but Graeme had the receipt, and so the police were pissed at Norris and started treating him like a kid: “Norris Cole, eh? I’ll be watching you…”.

Tyrone used to be good–a bit dumb and naive, but funny. Now he’s being dumb being with Fiz behind Kirsty’s back, and why can’t he just get a DNA test to prove he’s Ruby’s father?

I remember when Tina first came on the show. She met David at a bus stop or something. I liked her, even though she was with David, who I didn’t like. They were both evil little kids, and they worked well together.

I remember when Sarah had her whole internet predator story line and when Bethany was born. I liked Sarah back then because she was the only character I knew who was around my age. She got dumb during her wedding though. But at least she could see through David when no one else could.