The Big Bang Theory

I’ve only seen about three or four episodes of The Big Bang Theory. The first one I saw was the one where the guys are making an app about solving equations or something, and then Penny makes one about shoes? I don’t remember what I thought of the episode because now I’m getting confused about what happened in what episode. I think this is a later series episode, so it was probably really bad.

There was one I saw where Sheldon got kicked out of the apartment and went to live with Howard. (Had to look that up because I forgot the specifics). He was sleeping in Howard’s room and talking about Catwomen. That was cute. Also maybe I’m just biased because he mentioned Julie Newmar and she was in The Monkees so yeah. Oh wait yeah maybe it was that episode too where I think um freaking… Roseanne’s daughter’s husband um Leonard, he was talking to Penny about their relationship and like the equation for speed and are they moving too fast or something. That was cute. But I think that was it.

So then in fourth year university, I’m doing this group project and the group wants to name itself Perpetual Motion Squad or something, which is a reference to the show. I’m like whatever because the name doesn’t matter. But me and one other guy are like we don’t watch the show, and the other four are like it’s the best show ever, you have to watch at least five episodes.

Then because I am a loser, I watched the first episode. I think there were a couple of small funny things. Then I watched the quiz bowl episode because that’s where the group name came from, and when Roseanne’s daughter was on, I laughed, but then I think at nothing else.

Ohh and then in one of those episodes, at the end, Penny is quizzing them about pop culture, and she asks some question about the Brady Bunch and they don’t know it, and Van Halen, and Britney Spears and they don’t know it. I just find that unrealistic. They are nerds, they should definitely know about the Brady Bunch.

So my general feelings about this show is I don’t understand why nerds like it. I’m not offended by it because they’re making fun of nerds — I don’t care about that, but because they are not very accurate nerds, and that offends me.

Also Howard. His clothes. His hair. Horrible.