I’ve never really ate much fruit or vegetables, unless you consider things like ketchup, maraschino cherries, or fruit roll-ups. I like apple pie, and a few years ago for a week or so, I tried eating apples with cinnamon and sugar, and they weren’t horrible. I recently saw an article about apples about how red delicious apples are actually totally undelicious, and I figured red delicious are probably what I’ve always eaten, so maybe I should give these other kinds a try. I tried honeycrisp and pink ladies, since those were some names I saw popping up a lot. I liked them both, I didn’t feel like I noticed a difference between them and whatever type of apples used to be hanging out the fridge.

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Great Expectations (1946)

This movie was way better than I expected for an old, black and white, British film based on an even older book book. I found the kid actors to be way more entertaining than their adult counterparts though, and once everybody grew up, it wasn’t as interesting. I was kind of surprised there were actually funny moments in it, mostly provided by Mrs. Joe and young Estella. Also, the scene with the talking cows was weird.

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An American in Paris (1951)

This movie was fun. The intro was kind of wacky and unexpected. I don’t know if that’s typical of older movies, having characters introducing themselves like that, but I liked it.

I said to my mom Gene Kelly looks like a hockey player, and if he hadn’t been a dancer, I bet he was going to be a hockey player. Lo and behold, here’s his IMDb quote:

I never wanted to be a dancer. It’s true! I wanted to be a shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Why is Kirstie Alley listed first under North and South? Oh, right, right, the credits were alphabetical.

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Ordinary People (1980)

So the movie starts up and the first name we see is Donald Sutherland, and the only movie I know I have with him in it is Invasion of the Body Snatchers and I’m grinning and picturing my mom’s face when Leonard Nimoy shows up (I’m still disappointed I couldn’t get a hold of The Supernaturals because that sounded amazing. I think I’m looking forward to Night of the Lepus way too much and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be disappointed).

This was a boring movie about talking and people’s feelings and Pachelbel.

My mom was like she looks familiar, who is she, is she the girl from Grease?

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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002)

So my idea of what this movie was about was there was this game show host from like the ’70s and he was also secretly involved with crime or the mob or something, and it’s a true story. I feel kind of ripped off, especially learning that he admitted it was all made up before the movie even came out. If this was presented as if it was fiction, that would have been completely cool, but because they’ve added all these interviews with real people, it seems misleading, and I don’t like that. It’s still a decent movie, but it feels cheap.

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