House of Leaves

I asked my aunt and uncle for this book for Christmas many years before I was ready for it. I’m glad now that I was dumb in giving them the information to buy it, because I wouldn’t have understood it then. When my aunt asked who the author was, I said it was “Mark Z… something, don’t even ask how to say it”. I couldn’t give her the author’s last name, which is kind of how books are organized, you know? It’s not even that hard of a name: Danielewski. I guess it was more the Z that freaked me out and the word ending in “i”.

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Ice cream

I don’t really have a favourite ice cream flavour (I am obviously Canadian though).

But seriously. I like mint chocolate chip, black cherry, orange sherbet, and the chocolate with fudge chunks in it. I’m not crazy about plain old chocolate, but vanilla is good (especially with toppings or apple pie), as is strawberry.

When I was little and went to swimming lessons, afterward, my mom would take me to the Centre Mall and buy me ice cream. I always picked this colourful kind called SuperKid, I guess because I thought I was one.

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A Few Good Men (1992)

I saw this movie on November 14, 2009. Usually movies with all dudes (and sometimes, one chick) are so confusing to me because they all look the same, in their suits or uniforms or whatever, but this one wasn’t. Maybe because everybody in this movie was somebody. I like movies where everybody’s somebody. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

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Coronation Street

My mom has watched Corrie since like forever. I used to like to call it Corrie instead of Coronation Street because I thought that was funny, but now I call it Corrie because I talk about it too much.

I used to hate Gail Platt a lot and mix her up with Sally Webster. Gail is still pretty dumb. I always thought all the Platts were dumb. Also, David Platt was such a jerk when he was a teenager.

I didn’t like Claire Peacock much because she was annoying and psychotic. During Christmas 2012, I watched all the old Christmas episodes I could find, and Claire and Ashley got married on Christmas, so we saw their wedding.

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Wikipedia is a pretty cool site. I use it for basically everything. High school teachers hate it. University professors don’t seem to have a problem with it though.

The other day, my brother was joking about how I look everything up on the internet. Actually, I’m confused now how we got on that. But yeah, I was like, “Well yeah, totally. If I got pregnant, I’d go and google ‘what do you do if you’re pregnant?'”, like I mean, looking for advice for how to keep the baby healthy and that kinda stuff. And then I was like, “No, first thing, I’d go to the Wikipedia article for pregnancy”.

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